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Tall Tales


Arthur (spying a hot air balloon): “What’s a virgin?”
Mum: “It’s someone who…”
Arthur: “hasn’t had sex?”
Mum: “Exactly.”
Arthur: “So when you lose your virginity, it means…”
Mum: “you’ve had..”
Arthur: “sex?”
Mum: “Exactly.”
Arthur: “My friend says he’s lost his fifteen and a half times.”



Mum (calling): “Arthur!”

Arthur (distant): “Yes?”

Mum (half calling, half muttering): “No, come here when I call you. Don’t just say ‘yes’ from another room… *sigh* How many times do I have to say the same thing? *sigh* And people say I have bright kids.”

Humph: “People say you have bright kids… Not kids with common sense.”

The Power of Attraction

Driving home from school.

Arthur: “I don’t know what I do to attract the girls… I’m like a magnet.”